Sunday, March 25, 2012

Mondo Dork

Do you know any 10 year-old girls? I do. Man, what complete dorks. Honestly. Leila had no fewer than three different friends over at our house this weekend, and all of them, including my own darling daughter: dorks.

I say this in the most loving way. The TV that they like, the music that they like, what they think is hilarious, so pure, so innocent, so pre-pubescent, so dorky. While we were in bed listening to the giggle fest happening in her room on Friday night, I turned to Rob and said, "This is just where I want her to be. Total, age-appropriate dorkiness."

In some ways it is an annoying age. The back talk, the mess, the petulance, the constant fights about TV and junk food and clothes (wearing them, wearing them correctly, putting them away, separating dirty from clean, really anything having to do with clothes.) But then there's this sweet spot; the dorky spot. They are almost done playing with toys and playing pretend, and kissing all their stuffed animals so no one feels bad. They are too young to be cool and insecure and have terrible body images. Too young to spend a sleepover playing with make up and talking about boys and calling those boys on the phone. Too young to stay awake until 11, even if they try hard. They're too young to try to sneak out of the house. Walking to the corner store to buy a candy bar is a completely novel thing.

It wont last much longer, this wonderful, dorky age. One of her friends will go first, and be cool. Too cool to make up dance routines in her pajamas and make up silly songs about dogs and make little movies of themselves making funny faces. Then some other friends will go, and then Leila will go, too. She'll hold on for dear life, but she'll succumb to the tween coolness. But I know her well, and she will pine for her Littlest Pet Shop animals.

For now, I just have to enjoy it. I have to remember to not roll my eyes, and to be patient with her, and loving. I can tell she sees the future, and she is none too keen on it. Neither am I. Being cool is totally overrated, and it is such a relief to be back at an age where being cool is the least important thing in my life. Like mother, like daughter: DORKS.

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