Monday, March 12, 2012

And then there was CAKE

You'll be relieved to know that I did not buy the dining table. I settled on a far more expensive dining table that I will be putting on layaway, thankyouverymuch. I love layaway. I've never actually used layaway, but I'm so happy that it exists.

I think I'm almost ready to take some pictures of this house and show it to you. We made a big push over the weekend, and its looking like people live here in a healthy way, not like on Hoarders. I still have to put a few pictures up, and get a few pieces of furniture, but we're getting there.

I made, not one, but two dinners in the kitchen last night. I only mention this because I normally make no dinners at all, and I freakin' love my kitchen. Today I have to bake a cake, and I can't wait!

But first, breakfast, and maybe some phone calls, and then CAKE!

ADDENDUM: Cake is in the oven. It is rising its ass off. Guess the mystery about whether my baking powder is still good after being packed in a box for five months is solved. I put all my mixing bowls and other apparatus in my dishwasher. Is it somehow perverted that I love my dishwasher this much?

ADDENDUM #2: cake is out of the oven, but wont come out of the pan. I will scoop it out of there with my bare hands if I have to, but I'll have to serve something else at the luncheon tomorrow...

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lama said...

Show off! Glad to hear that some folks made old-fashioned homemade items. Hope it was fun!