Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Wherein the Appliances Gang Up on Me

Last night Rob and I were at the house, he was painting, I was lazily cutting drawer liners for the kitchen, and I decided I wanted to take the shower caddy out of the freshly-cleaned bathroom (2 and a half hours, people, much scrubbing) and put it in the top rack of the dishwasher both to clean the caddy, and use the dishwasher for the first time.

I pressed some buttons, it made some noises, and then I went completely ape shit about how QUIET it was! I couldn't hear a thing! The only way I knew it was on was because of the little blue lights! I went to all corners of the house to confirm that I couldn't hear a thing!! It was amazing! I was in disbelief that any appliance could ever be that quiet!!

Then the blue lights went off, and I couldn't figure that out. The cycle takes a long time, why no blue lights? I opened it and found a puddle of detergent sliding down the door, and then I panicked that my new dishwasher didn't work. Then I calmed down and used my brain for a second, and looked under the sink to see that the water supply was not turned on. Duh.

I turned it on, and started up the dishwasher. It makes noise. Not a lot of noise, and I can't hear it in my bedroom, and its one million decibels quieter than my old dishwasher which could only be run when we weren't home and didn't actually clean dishes.

Sure was a lot quieter without water running through it, though.

Then I wanted to wash the bathmat and the 40 towels that I used to clean the bathroom, and the washing machine didn't work either. Wanna know why? Water supply was turned off. What a moron.

I believe that, now, all the water supplies are turned on, and I will have no more problems. So to sum up, here is Bored Housewife's Trouble Shooting guide: Step one, check water supply...

ADDENDUM: Just to complete this circle: After we moved in, we had no hot water. I had just spent untold thousands to get this water heater back on line, and it was broken!! Except it wasn't. The water wasn't turned on...

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