Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Why Make a Fuss?

I'm downloading a bunch of podcasts, so I thought I'd use this time to say hi. Rob is making sugared pecans for an office party, and it smells pretty good in here. For my part, I actually got my you-know-what together and made chicken enchiladas for dinner. Normally, I am a strict recipe follower, but lately I've been "going rogue" and making stuff up that seems good to me, or combining ideas from difference recipes. They were completely edible, if not a little heavy on the enchilada sauce. I can actually make enchilada sauce from scratch, and I've done it a couple of times. The stuff in the can tastes just as good, as it turns out, so screw that. Its like pie crust: I've proven to myself and those around me that I can make a good pie crust, so now I just go buy the pillsbury ones. Why make a fuss?
Today was the staff appreciation luncheon at school and the PTA board traditionally makes the desserts. I made an orange pound cake from one of the Barefoot Contessa cookbooks, and it was yummalish. Actually, I kind of effed it up. The list of ingredients calls for 3/4 cup of fresh orange juice, and 1/4 cut of buttermilk; I had already added all the juice and the buttermilk when I read on in the recipe that 1/2 a cup of the juice was meant for a simple syrup that you're supposed to pour over the cake when its done. I don't do the simple syrup; the cake is fine as it is. But mine had three times the amount of orange juice the recipe called for. I don't think anyone noticed, and my cake plate was empty when I took it home. I laid it all out with hydrangea leaves underneath, a la Barefoot Contessa, and then wondered how on earth I was going to get this raised cake stand with perfectly fanned out pieces of pound cake to the school. I put it on the floor of the car, drove really slowly, and all was well.
Is this the most boring thing you've ever read? I'm bored writing it, and that's bad.
Yesterday, I watched the Sex and the City movie for the fourth time. I love that thing. I could watch it again today. Not a bad moment in the movie. And I was not a super-fan of the show, in fact, I've only seen the edited-for-TV version, but I love the movie.
Alright, enough is enough.

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