Saturday, December 13, 2008

The Last Word on the Subject

     The following paragraph appeared in the Twin Cities Times police report section.  It should be noted here that the Twin Cities Times is about four pages long, and contains movie reviews written by children and profiles of actors in community theatre.  The police report is usually filled with things like "neighbor reported loud music" and "cell phone lost in mall parking lot." you know, the usual hard-hitting stuff.  But this time there was something that really sparked my interest: "We received a call reporting two stuffed wolverines on the field at Redwood High School.  It was determined the school is using them to scare away the geese."
     Someone called the police!  About the snarly dogs!  Is having stuffed wolverines a crime?  What were the police supposed to do, arrest the dogs?  What is wrong with the people in this town?  I know that I have been entirely too obsessed with the goose abatement programs around here, and this will be my last word on it, but, really?  Calling the police?  Our town just passed a bond to rebuild the police station, and it really needs to happen, but I wonder what they will use all this high tech police equipment for?  Stuffed wolverines?
     Well, now that we're done with that, I am off to make some buttermilk pancakes and then decorate the Christmas tree.  Rob just told Leila to not, under any circumstances, put socks or slippers on and it totally worked, she is now flaunting her socks.  Sucker.

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