Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Fame and Infamy

OK, two funny things. Last night my friend called me to let me know that there is another Bored Housewife blog, which I kind of knew in the back of my mind, but I'd never checked it out. Seems that the other bored housewife is a woman in Maine who uses her blog as a place for her "sexy thoughts" and it has a picture of what I assume are her legs with her hand on her hoo-ha. No picture of her face. Now, I am all for expressing yourself any way you want, and I'm all for erotica, and try to have sexy thoughts as often as possible, so I take no issue with her content, and I think she was BoredHousewife before I was. What I think is funny, is that if I'm telling someone the name of my blog, and they don't get it completely right, they might end up thinking that I'm the boredhousewife from Maine with all the sexy thoughts and the nakedness, when I'm really the bored house in California who keeps the lights off whenever possible. Can you imagine? You're a mom that I see in the school yard (or a dad, even) and I say to you, "Check out my blog!" and you go home and type in bored housewife and see Sexy-thoughts with her hand on her parts and you think its me. For all I know, there are parents all over the elementary school thinking I'm some kind of flasher. Luckily, I think this is funny, and I think a notorious reputation as someone who writes erotic poetry on the internet would be one way to keep things interesting on the PTA. Not to worry, I wont be sharing any sexy thoughts unless its absolutely necessary, and I cannot for the life of me think of circumstances under which it would be necessary.
OK, funny think number two: My neighbor googled Boredhousewifesyndrome and found that my humble blog is on some Tori Spelling fan/stalker site! Can you believe it? As much as I love the Tori and Dean show, and as much as I think I could be friends with Tori, it would never occur to me to check her out on line, and search her fan sites. But apparently, that's what pops up when you google this blog. Don't worry, Tori! I much to lazy to stalk you!
I really want a pizza...


Anonymous said...

This "housewife" watches movies to fight boredom.

I suppose I could try that nakedness thing.

Anonymous said...

OK - so you made me Google "bored housewife syndrome" - what's really funny are the ads on the left of the search results that appear... :)


Anonymous said...

(make that the "right" hand side.)