Sunday, October 12, 2008

Mommy's helper

So, I saw this woman on Oprah the other day who has a whole website dedicated to how to effectively use coupons, and I am hooked. if you're interested. She has a link to a restaurant coupon site where you buy, like, a $25 gift certificate for $10. Crazy! I feel so stupid for paying full price for anything, ever! I think I have enough time every week to use her system, in fact, I'm going to go down to the corner in a minute and grab a Sunday paper.
How is your weekend? Mine is ok. My happy helper husband dusted all the blinds in the house. They were really bad. I knew they were really bad because I look at them every day, but for Rob to see dust, they had to be B. A. D. He was on the stick, this weekend, that's for sure; mowed the lawn, changed a lightbulb, dusted blinds, did dishes, sorted laundry, and he's going to help me put up the Halloween decorations. Heck of a job, what a guy.
Should I be embarrassed that he's going to the grocery store this afternoon instead of me, and I'm probably going to let him make dinner? Maybe, but I'm just going to go with it today, and get back to work tomorrow.
Oh! Tomorrow is Columbus day (or indigenous peoples' day) and Rob has the day off! Leila has to go to school, but we get a day together which almost never happens. We're going to go to breakfast, maybe do some coupon shopping, hang out, get on each other's nerves, and then he'll go back to work again. No, we wont get on each other's nerves, he's easy to be around, and very tolerant of me. Poor guy; I would not want to be married to me, but he seems to like it.

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Anonymous said...

Relax, he loves you and wants to help out, plus the dust is making his nose itch. Cool counter.