Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Victory is Mine!!

I embarked. I made the first cut, and there now exists in the universe a wolf hood, complete with ears, that did not exist before. I am so impressed with myself tonight, I could buy myself a drink and give myself a big kiss. I have the hood and one paw completed. I worked all afternoon. Every once in a while, I would have to call Leila away from her play date to try something on, and she started to guffaw that I was interrupting her fun, so I told her, "There's a Cinderella dress in that closet of yours, and you can go ahead and wear that on Halloween if you don't want to participate." She wasn't overly impressed until the ears went on. Only then did she start to jump around. The most impressive part is that I sewed the whole thing; no glue gun, no fabri-tac, just thread and needle and my keen instincts. I still have to finish the other paw and make the feet, and I think I'll have enough fabric to attach a big swatch to her sweatshirt. I am just in love with myself right now.
I also made 80 bead things for Walk and Roll tomorrow. Its too boring and annoying to go into, except to say that I feel like I spent all day with thread in my hands. I am done with Walk and Roll, my friends. It is just not a good fit for me. Its not even the getting up early, which does suck, to be sure, but more that I have to deal with other people and their thoughts and opinions and schedules. What does it say about me that I would much rather do the work that does not involve dealing with other people? I went to put the Walk and Roll stuff away in the volunteer office and one of my mom friends was in there doing the absentee line; this is where you go in one morning a week and listen to the messages from all the parents who have called their kid in sick and write them all down. I was dead jealous. I want to sit quietly and listen to messages, rather than listen to my volunteers judge the prizes I picked. I just want to yell, "I'm holding this together with both, hands, people!! Its a supportive satellite only zone!" So next year, Walk and Roll can be someone else's big bag of BS, and I'm going to listen to messages about kids with diarrhea.
Tell me my prizes are bad, will you, I've got your prize right here...

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joanna nelson said...

Way to go! I knew all along that you and your keen instincts could turn Leila into a grey wolf! I'm impressed! No glue gun? Wow.

Incidentally, I have been thinking about your laundry sorter and can't get over the face that it holds three loads of laundry! That is utterly amazing. And it fits in your room! I have got to see this. And I think I might need one.