Monday, September 29, 2008

Tori, Call me!

     I've been told by "cool people" that I'm not supposed to admit that I love the Tori and Dean show.  I was in bed with a sore throat today, and watched a Tori and Dean marathon, all episodes I've seen before, and I just don't care; I love this show.  I think I could totally be friends with Tori Spelling, and those are words I never thought I'd utter.  I want to check her book out from the library, and its all I can do to not run down there right now and pick it up.  At one point in the show today, Tori made me cry, and I'm not ashamed to say that I cried at the exact same point in this episode the last time I saw it.  I'm a total fan, and now everyone knows it.  Well, everyone who reads this blog.  So, all both people know it.
     I don't know how I can love really intelligent shows like the West Wing and love Tori and Dean.  I'm a television chameleon, I guess.  On principle, I don't like reality TV, unless its cooking or decorating shows (which are apparently in the reality category, but I don't really think of eating a stick of butter in every meal "reality") but I can't help myself when it comes to Tori. 
     Speaking of TV, I finally watched the season premier of Grey's Anatomy last night (one of my "intelligent shows" ; right!) and I dare say miss Meredith put on a few needed pounds.  I still find her hard to look at, but I watch the show anyway.  It fills the time between Mad Men episodes and the return of Lost.  
     Upon further reflection, I think it would be hard to be friends with Tori.  I sit around all day watching her show, and she seems to work pretty hard.  So what if she's working at decorating her house, at least she's in the game.  I don't think I'd have the  patience to look at fabric samples with her, unless she was buying lunch after.  I think she has a bawdy sense of humor, though, and I could totally get behind that.  But, I guess I'll just have to make do with my current friends, even though they're totally unlike BFF Tori.  Oh well...


Anonymous said...

Tori and Dean do not live normal lives. They have tons of "friends" available to watch their kids for them. They have a nany. They have time for hair and make-up and themselves. Who has that kind of a life? Not the typical housewife. Who has datenights? Who goes to the extent that they do for parties and anniversaries and celebrations? That is so abnormal. Housewives are the way that we are because of our economic situation. And remember that their show is edited for ratings and to make them look all perfect and wonderful, and for them to turn a profit. Tori is a money making machine. She has books, jewelry, tv shows, promotions, 90210...when does she honestly ever have time to change a diaper or read her kids books let alone make hot passionate love to her motorcycle freaking husband?! I'm sorry, but that is not normal. And don't forget about the child that he left behind in a previous marriage.

L said...

Calm down anonymous!

Just found your blog when I googled "bored housewife" because uh, I am one. Glad to see that I am not the only non busy housewife. We should like, swap boring stories sometime...

I haven't watched Tori and Dean, but I have to admit that I was super offended when my mom called me to tell me that after watching it, she feels that Tori reminds her of ME. I hope I am not as unattractive, although I'd like to be as thin.

God, this was a boring comment. Sorry!