Sunday, September 28, 2008

     I just took two nyquil gelcaps, so this post may deteriorate as I go on.  I may start talking nonsense and referring to helicopters as whirlybirds.  I seem to have picked up a bug from somewhere, some six-year-old-where, and Rob got it too.  He requires much less than I do when he's sick.  He just goes to bed, and I bring him something to drink from time to time, and take his temperature repeatedly.  I've gotten pretty good at feeling foreheads for fevers (makes me feel very maternal to do this) but he wants a number.  When he has even a mild fever, he likes to call his mom to tell her he has a fever.  This is actually an improvement over how it used to be; he used to call his mom every time he had a sniffle so he could hear her ask him if he'd taken his temperature.  Still, he is pretty easy when he's sick.  I am much more pitiful.  I require trips to the store for smoothies and 7-up and nyquil gelcaps.  I stay in bed and watch decorating shows, cooking shows, old movies (and by old I mean from the 80's and 90's) and stumble into the kitchen to test my equilibrium and get cereal.  I always want cereal and junk food when I'm sick.  Although, frankly, I usually want cereal and junk food whether I'm sick or not.   
     I should admit here that I fell asleep during the presidential debate.  I hung in there as long as I could, but I got the gist and drifted off.  I was coming down with something, okay?  I'm still a conscientious citizen, and I will try my best to stay awake during the next one.  People around me seem to think that Palin will drop out for "personal reasons."  I think they are underestimating her.  She seems just ignorant enough to believe she can do the job.  I can't wait until the election is over, I'm so sick of it.  I've been sick of it for what seems like years.  My husband has turned political junkie, and I'd like him to get a new hobby.  Poor thing, he can't talk about sports, he can't talk politics.  He can talk about me, though, that's fine, even encouraged.  As long as he keeps bringing me smoothies when I'm sick, though, I guess I can hang.  
     I think the nyquil is taking effect, but I can't tear my eyes away from the Cosby show rerun I'm watching.  Pitiful.

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joanna nelson said...

YOu are easily the funniest person I know.
I had no idea Rob was so thermometer-centric. That is funny. Tell him that a mom's hand on the forehead is typically more accurate, since the standard deviation for digital thermometers is +/-3.8 degrees.
Hope you all feel better REAL soon!