Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Vegetables Scare Me

I have a refrigerator full of food and I can't figure out what to make for dinner!  Its crazy making, this dinner thing.  I looked through two cookbooks, trying to find a recipe that incorporated eggplant, onion, chicken, maybe even broccoli with a yummy sauce, and I got tripped up by my own inflexibility.  If I make the eggplant recipe that I'm looking at, that says the eggplant will absorb the sauce, will I be left with dry chicken and rice?  If I make the Lo mein recipe, will it work to substitute almost everything in the recipe, including the noodles, and just use the sauce?  In the end, I abdicated this responsibility entirely and made my husband make dinner, which he is doing right now.  I know I should feel so lucky to have a man who doesn't mind having eggplants shoved at him after a long  day in the office, but all I'm feeling is disappointed, in advance even, that I don't get anything yummy for dinner.  What he's making could turn out to rock my world, but all I keep thinking about is the eggplant and ground chicken dish at PF Changs, and anything less than that will be disappointing.  I'm such a brat.  


joanna nelson said...

mmmm. love eggplant. hope it turned out well.

one thing that blog fanatics like myself really like is a lot of pictures. you can just post and post. and (we) like little descriptions--witty, sarcastic, funny...just let us know what is going on in the pix and we are happy!!!

Kelly said...

I haven't had eggplant in my fridge in probably 8 years! Hope Rob did well, talk about pressure! ;-) Dinner CAN be weird: Last night all four of us ate different things at different times. I had 3 cookies at Evan's back to school night before I settled into some Guayma's leftovers from Eric's work dinner sometime around 9pm. Keep up the good work, Monica! Is it too late to blog about Hendy? Pics?