Wednesday, September 17, 2008

I was sitting on the toilet this afternoon (yes, I really am going to start this post that way) and I saw a spider in the bathtub attempting to climb up the side of of the tub.  It kept sliding back down, and trying again, over and over, and was still doing it when I came back hours later to take a shower.  This is not a comment on the cleanliness of my bathtub, we've been through that already.  Leila had pointed this spider out to me first thing this morning, so presumably it had been climbing up and sliding down the bathtub wall all day long.  I tried to rescue it on a piece of paper, but it wasn't having it and kept leaping out on a little web, back into the tub.  I did eventually rescue it, but I didn't put it outside, so its wandering around somewhere in my house, hopefully relieved, certainly exhausted.  
 I started the day by making a To Do list, that didn't fit on one page, and I plugged away at the list all day and got a fraction of the stuff done.  Being busy does not mean un-bored.  Nothing on the list was the least bit exciting, and now this wretched dinner thing again.  
Have I mentioned that I'm trying to keep to 1500 calories a day?  Brutal, and not at all scrumptious.  At around 5 o'clock, I lose all creative energy and motivation (assuming I had some to begin with) and start feeling like a starving beast, ready to eat my own hand.  You'd think I'd be rushing to make dinner, but, no, I'm too distracted by thoughts of In n Out burgers and things with sauce.  How do people live like this?  
Yesterday in school, Leila's teacher was talking about the constitution and voting, and told the kids that people could vote for either John McCain or Barack Obama: one kid started it, and the others chimed in until the whole class of first graders was chanting, "Brock Obama!  Brock Obama!"  I remember going to the multi purpose room of my elementary school in the first grade to watch the inauguration of Jimmy Carter on a little TV set, and now my daughter will get to watch an inauguration in first grade, too.  Go Brock!

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joanna nelson said...

I love your blog.

OK...why did you not put the spider outside? karen is beside herself hearing this.

Go Brock!!! I love it! Marin County first graders...

I love sauce too. Yum.

ps...karen has mandated that we, together, read your blog EVERY day. But don't think I'm going to wait for her ass to get home before I go logging in to boredhousewife....