Thursday, January 23, 2014

Pink Mildew Redux

What I really want to do today is my homework.  I want to type up my class notes (per the teacher's instruction, she's a little anal) and read my text book.  But I have work to do today, and a messy house, and my allergies are acting up, so instead of doing what I need to do OR what I want to do, I'll write to you.

I love school.  It feels almost frivolous to spend 2 hours talking about masonry, and rip pages out of magazines and scour Pinterest.  Its also nice to be out of my house for an entire day.  I know that sounds weird to people who are a lot busier than I am, but its true.

I got new white towels for Christmas, part of my goal of making my home a little more like a hotel and a little less like a garbage dump, and the bright white of the towels points out how dingy all the other white in my bathroom is.  Walls, tiles, grout, yuck.  I need to do some serious cleaning in there.

WAIT!  I have to tell you something!  Since the inception of this blog, I've complained about the pink mildew in the shower, and how its relentless and haunts me, and is impossible to conquer.  Well, I have conquered it!  Here's what you do.  You get one of these (mine is not as fancy):
And you fill it with water and a few drops of dish soap.  You leave it in the shower, and while you're in there, you do a little scrubbin'.  It totally works!   I also learned that you're not supposed to use vinegar on your grout, which I have been doing for years, and now my grout looks awful.  I've actually tried to regrout it, and I discovered that I hate grouting more than almost anything.  Thank you, Pinterest, for educating me on these household secrets.

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