Thursday, February 20, 2014

Ricard Mantalban is a Liar

My creative energies have really been going elsewhere, and this blog is so neglected!  Sorry faithful readers, if there are any of you left out there.

School has been awesome.  I love it.  I do not mind the 87 mile round trip, and all I want to do today is homework, but I have to grocery shop.  I can't wait until Leila has a drivers license and I can send her to the Safeway.  I hate that place.  It saps my chi.

Yesterday I learned all about leather in my materials class.  Interesting, but it did put me off leather a little bit.  When you really think about the fact that its animal skin, and that they peel it in two, its just kind of gross.  Like Silence of the Lambs.  At the break, I showed my age by asking my teacher what "Fine Corinthian Leather" was.  He did not know, and assumed it was leather from Corinth.  Oddly, there is a wikipedia entry for Corinthian leather, even mentioning Ricardo Mantalban (if you're even 10 years younger than I, you wont know what the hell I'm talking about) and it says that "Fine Corinthian Leather" was a marketing name made up by ad advertising agency for Lincoln luxury cars, and that the leather on the seats is actually from New Jersey.  How's that for taking the romance out of your Lincoln? Ricardo Mantalban: Made of Lies.

Part of the homework that I will do today is to go through magazines and cut stuff out.  I've been hoarding design magazines, and just subscribed to about 50 of them.  I hope I don't burn out on this.  I should really pace myself.  It would be really ugly to OD on Veranda and Elle Decor.  All those paper cuts.

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