Tuesday, January 14, 2014


I had my first day of school yesterday, and this is what happened:

It was awesome!

First of all, how fun are college campuses?  I picked up my class materials at the bookstore, I got my student ID, and consulted my campus map, it was so exciting! I was not the oldest person there, but almost, and I could have gotten a free copy of the New Testament if I had wanted to.  A guy with a beard was just handing them out!  For free! 

Then I went to my first class, Intro to Interior Design, and check it out: Part of our homework is to visit model homes and answer worksheet questions about them.  I also have to read three extra materials of my choosing, like a design book OR articles in design magazines, or watch a show on HGTV and write a summary.  Hello: I get college credit for watching TV and reading magazines?  Score!

My table had two other middle aged mom types like me, so I'm not alone.  The professor looks like a kindly grandma, but she's a little spitfire. 

I drove 87 miles round trip, and was so jazzed that I drove extra miles into the city to buy this cool messenger bag, and then to Staples for my supplies.  I bought binders and tabs, and a notebook and tape flags, and then Leila suckered my in to getting her a scotch tape dispenser in the shape of a dog.  Total, I drove 130 miles..

And you know what?  I get to go back to school tomorrow, and I get to take an additional class (lighting and materials)

School is so awesome.  I'm gonna go rock some homework!

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