Friday, January 3, 2014

I'm Back?

I've told you that I haven't been writing, or reading, or doing any one thing at a time for a few months now, but I want to rededicate myself to writing this blog.  Its given me a lot over the years, and it seems a shame to just let it go.  Please bear with me while I meander through topics, and walk away from writing mid-paragraph, go on whip-lash tangents and lament my lack of focus.  Hopefully I can be at least a little funny in between.

This has been a very odd year.  I told you about my medications (that I am currently - and successfully - weening off of) but I also think that my addiction to Pinterest, Law and Order SVU and solitaire on my phone are contributing to my jitteriness.  So I'm going to be a little more disciplined about those things.  I'm going to have to because...

I'm starting school in a week!  Yes, its true.  I'm taking interior design classes at a community college very far away.  The one three miles from my house doesn't offer any interior design classes, and the programs in San Francisco require you to be a millionaire before your register for classes.   So I'm dragging my ass a gazillion miles from home twice a week for Intro to Interior Design, and Lighting and Materials.  I'm very excited.

I've been doing design consulting for free, but its time for me to make some $ at it.  I made $17.44 off this blog in 2013, and I'd like to clear at least 20 bucks in 2014.  I've been perusing my 100 lb textbook and trying decide what I will need for school.  Rob says I'll need a spiral notebook and a pen.  I think I might need a goatee and a jaunty scarf.

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