Tuesday, March 5, 2013


I'm sick in bed.  My throat is raging, and I'm tired.  Its 3 p.m. and I'm in bed in my pjs, which would be awesome if I felt better.  And you know what?  I really love having animals when I'm sick, because they keep me company, and they don't care if I stay in bed all day, and they don't care if I'm smelly and gross, they just snuggle with me and look at me lovingly.  But: they are total bed hogs.  I'm in a queen sized bed, and I have maybe 16 inches of space on one side of the bed while they are curled up against my leg, and the rest of the bed is empty.  If I get up, they scooch over to the warm spot that my butt left, and then I have to move them over, making my hands like a spatula, and they look at me from their sleep like, "hey.  what?  oh."  And I try to move them way over so I can have some room, but they just migrate back over next to my legs again.  Its MY BED, you animals!

My cat (pictured below) has a cold, too.  Maybe he got me sick.  Is it possible to catch a cold from a cat?  And you know what else?  My dog (whose butt is pictured below) hasn't been out all day.  I love this kind of dog.  Eventually, he has to pee, right?  I mean, I assume my bladder is bigger, and I've peed three times today. 

And you know what else?  There's nothing on TV.  Nothing.  All that's on the DVR is all the Disney garbage that Leila records.  She's clogging up the whole thing with Shake it Up and Austin and Ally.  Lame. 

Orange cat with a cold, and my dog's butt
So, to recap: throat on fire, no room in the bed, dog butt, TV wasteland.  The End.

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s said...

Are you feeling any better? I was going to call you to talk about our visit and then I read this and decided you should rest :)