Monday, March 18, 2013

More Birds

Today is Rob's 44th birthday.  He's getting old.  Only has half the amount of hair he did when I met him, has wrinkles, and his butt is getting awfully flat.  His jeans look like Dad Jeans, but its all because of his pancake ass.  I'd say its time to trade him in for a younger model, but few are the women who can pull that off, and, let's face it, I'm no Jennifer Lopez.

Last week I went to an art gallery in San Francisco with a friend.  We've decided that we are both  bored and uninspired, so we are going to try to do something we've never done before, like go to a new neighborhood, or galleries, or museums, once a week.  We hope it will be once a week, but who the hell knows.  So, last week was our first outing and it was totally successful.  She read about this gallery that was having an exhibition called "For the Birds" and as I am becoming a crazy bird lady, I was totally excited.  It was a small gallery with different interpretations of birds, and in the back of the gallery was a large two-level studio, bright and sunny, covered with artwork of all kinds, and full of artists hard at work.  The twist is that all these artists are developmentally disabled.  Most were very concentrated on their work, some said "Hi!" with great enthusiasm, and one, named Loren, was very proud to show us his work that was up on the wall. 

There was a small painting in the main gallery that I fell in love with, of a bird, of course.  I was debating buying it, and then I remembered Rob's birthday!  He doesn't need another sweater or whatever, what he really needs is more bird art.  So I bought the painting, and in the process we met the director of the program and then the artist himself, Henry.  Henry had no teeth, but had somehow just eaten fritos.  He was very old, and pretty disabled, and was far more concerned with how he was going to get his cut of the sale then the fact that someone had bought his painting.  But I love that the painting has a story, and I'll remember Henry, and I will absolutely go back to that gallery for their next exhibit. 

Then!  We went across town to a thrift store that sells only old kitchen items.  I didn't buy anything, but I loved the store.  Afterwards we wanted to have lunch, so we went to the first restaurant that looked decent.  Perusing the menu, we realized it was vegan.  Since it was Adventure Day, we decided to try a vegan lunch. I had a baked falafel.  It was very good, but I couldn't be a vegan.  I would just spend far too much time feeling unsatisfied. 

So, the first Adventure Day was a success on many levels, but as I write this I realize it was not successful on a funny level.  Sorry.  I'll try to do something funnier or make a fool of myself next time.

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