Tuesday, February 21, 2012

And then She Slept

Its 8:55 and Leila and I are in my bed. She's playing solitaire on the iPod touch, and I'm doing this. I'm hoping that when I get up I will have recovered from the 15 hour (no exaggeration) house prepping marathon that we pulled on Sunday. We painted, we taped, we cleaned, we used razor blades to clean paint off windows, we ate lunch standing up, we ate dinner standing up, it was awesome. Adrenaline and excitement just took over! The house looks amazing, and we peeked in the windows yesterday to see the final coat of shiny stuff on the new floors, and it looks even amazinger.

Yesterday I took one hundred naps, and had a shower in there somewhere. My back is killing me, but in a good way; a way that says, I worked my ass off and it was totally worth it. There are still a few things to do, but we are moving in this weekend or I'm going to kill someone.

I know you are sick of hearing about my house project, and I thank you for hanging in there. Its almost over. Soon, I will post pics so you can see what all the hub bub is about.

I wish I could regale you with some stories from my In Other News section, but I can't because all I've been doing is painting. If I were less tired, I'd go completely OFF on AT&T and their complete lameness, but I'll save that for another day.

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s said...

I am soooo excited to see pictures. Still want so badly to visit you guys. Someday :)