Monday, February 6, 2012

Does anyone have a Ricola?

Have I told you that my parents' house is trying to kill me? Ever since it rained a few weeks ago, I have had the worst allergies of my life. I always get a little hay fever in the spring, but when I go inside and close the windows it goes away. Now I'm inside with the doors and windows closed, I've taken Claritin, ibuprofin, I'm on my third bag of lozenges, and I'm still a complete mess.

I think its mildew or mold spores. My parents' house is very dark and dank, so that must be what it is. My mom is in complete denial that her house is giving me the allergy equivalent of a sinister "Get out!" whisper.

I've eaten so many lozenges that there is no longer any fun in singing, "Reeeee-co-laaaaaa!"

I thought maybe it was dust, so I vacuumed and dusted my butt off in this bedroom, washed all the sheets, etc. and there is no difference. So, I think I just have to live with this until I move out, which will hopefully be in two weeks. It is supposed to rain tomorrow, so maybe I'll get really lucky and these allergies will get worse!

Are lozenges addictive?

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