Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Black Jeans and White Pants

I had the most wonderfully girlie, suburban, indulgent day today. I haven't had one of these in a long time, and it felt great!

It all started when I split my pants yesterday. I have written before about the search for jeans, and far from the elusive "perfect" jeans, but just jeans that fit, don't fall down or go up my ass, and look reasonable. I found some a year or so ago in an outlet mall about a half hour from my house, and they were cheap and did the trick just fine until yesterday, when I glanced down at my crotch while I was driving and saw a swath of inner thigh bulging out of a new rip. This is where my pants always rip. Doesn't matter what I paid for them, or how much I weigh, my pants always wear out in the same spot.

In the past, I've hated looking for jeans so much that I've patched the holes with pieces taken from other ripped jeans, but I just end up looking like a lame-o.

So today, I went back to that outlet mall and got myself the exact same jeans, and a pair in black, and a black belt. Then I went to the Banana Republic outlet store and got myself two cute sweaters. I even remembered that I had a Banana Republic gift credit, and I even had it in my purse!

Then, WP and I had a most delicious lunch, then some fruity frozen yogurt, and then we went to Target where, luckily for my bank account, I didn't find anything that looked good.

I really don't want to spend money on clothes right now because I have to buy four rugs, and a dining table, and stuff like that. But no one wants to see my inner thigh flashing them while I walk, so measures had to be taken.

I would post a picture of my new jeans for you, but I'm under the covers in my bed right now, waking up from a little nappy. Good day, people, good day!

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