Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Status Update

Its January 10th, and I thought I'd give you a status update on my new, mature self. Remember how I was going to start being healthier? Remember in the movie Airplane! when the guy keeps saying "I picked the wrong week to... (quit drinking, quit sniffing glue, etc.)? Well, that's how I feel. There's still Christmas candy lying around, and Leila's birthday party was last weekend and there was cake, and I just discovered a bakery with the best croissants in the world, and I'm getting my period, which is preceded by a week-long adventure in How Much can Bored Housewife Stuff into her Pie Hole. So, I picked the wrong week to be more mature, okay? GET OFF MY NECK!

I am winding down my job, though, so that's one thing, and I'm formulating a plan for how I'm going to take my next steps. Of course, everything is on hold while we wait to move in to our house. All my ideas begin with, "As soon as we're settled in to our house..." and who knows how long that will take? Getting the house ready to move in is one thing, but then I have to find rugs. And window coverings. And learn how to use the appliances. I know, spoiled first world problems, but somebody's got to figure out how to replace the water filter in the refrigerator!

In the mean time, I'm stuck here at my mom's, floored in neutral, killing time. I just finished a delicious croissant, I'm contemplating drinking a coke, and considering going to Barnes and Noble.

Consider yourself updated!

p.s. Thanks for all the Best-of suggestions so far! Keep them coming!!!

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