Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Plumber Butt

I just had a mani-pedi (kind of a new thing for me) and my jeans are falling down but I don't want to yank them up for fear of destroying my nice, freshly painted nails.  So I'm sitting here at my desk with complete plumber-butt.  I'll hoist them back into position when I go to the school for Variety Show rehearsal.

Ah, the Variety Show.  Or, as I like to call it, The Nightmare that Wont Go Away. People, this thing is so much freakin' work, and I have five other people doing this with me!  You know what freaks me out most?  Its that there are other events at this school that are organized by volunteers, that are ten times the amount of work of the Variety Show.  I just don't understand how these moms (mostly moms) manage to do all that they do.  I had a dad, who is a reader (you know who you are SS) ask me, "How do you do it?"  and there is a really easy answer: "I don't." My house looks like a tornado hit it, no one in my family has had a home cooked meal in weeks, my dog keeps giving me looks that say, "You used to love me." and I am falling into a deep sleep well before my husband even comes to bed which I don't think has ever happened in our entire marriage.

On that note, I fell asleep before him the other day, and he took my iPhone and recorded me snoring.  Can you believe that?  He says I told him to do it, but who can tell; I'm only half paying attention to our conversations these days.  So, now that I'm 40, I am definitely losing my short-term memory (as people told me I would,) when I need to go pee, I need to go RIGHT AWAY, and I snore. 

Every day is just better and better.  What were we talking about?

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