Monday, January 10, 2011

My National Television Debut!

Readers, I am one stressed out little schnauzer right now.  And you want to know the totally lame part?  I am stressed out by things I don't really have to do.  I have a part time job that I thought I would need when Rob's employment was precarious last summer, but its not precarious anymore and I don't need the job, but now I'm in it and committed, and its stressing me out today.  Then there's the Variety Show, which isn't really stressful right now, but just adds to the ever growing pile of crap in my brain. 

I made a note the other day to do a blog post about animal management and nose picking.  I can't for the life of me remember what I was going to tell you about nose picking.  That you should do it?  That you shouldn't?  That we should all do it in unison?  I have no idea.  The animal management topic I can put off because what I really want to tell you about is:  OPRAH

The show that I went to in November is airing this Thursday, the 13th.  Get your DVRs ready!!  If you want to try to find me in the audience (not that I will be visible, I was behind the camera man the whole time) I am wearing a bright pink sweater (thinking that was a great idea, but a lot of people wear that color thinking the same thing) and I am...  how do I explain to you where I am?  If you imagine the studio seating as the lower two thirds of a clock face, I am at 8:30, in the upper section, in the second row, two seats in from where the guests come in (not the guests on my show, they came in from back stage, but a lot of guests come in this way.)  When I watch it, and if I'm visible, I'll let you know exactly the moment you can see me. 

Because I know you are just at the edge of your seat...

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