Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Quick Update

I don't even know where to start.  Really, I don't.  Do I start with Christmas?  Too long ago.  New Years? Nice but uneventful.  Variety Show?  Maybe there.  That's what has been taking up all my precious blogging time.  I have come to realize that all the chaos of this show is inside of me and no where else, because everything is organized and running smoothly and ahead of schedule.  So, there's not really that much to talk about there, either.  Except that Leila told me she had changed her mind and didn't want to do it anymore.  I almost knocked her block off.  If I have to do it, she has to do it, because I'm the mom and I say so.  Doesn't want to do it anymore... Jesus.

Here's a funny thing about the Variety Show.  I recorded all these new shows on Oprah's new network OWN (you know Oprah, my best friend, whose free boots I ordered today) and I watched Season 25 last night (the behind the scenes look at what goes in to producing her show.)  While I was falling asleep, I had this new excitement about the Variety Show because I was fancying myself as a big time producer.  I envisioned wearing bifocals and a mic on my head that leads to nowhere, just so I can look official.  I'll throw up if I wear my glasses during the show (and what a show that would be) and, even though being totally dorky in private (or just in front of you guys) is totally okay, I don't think I can pull of a head-mic-thing-attached-to-nothing without showing my dorkiness to the whole gymnasium full of parents.  I think I'll have to stick to a clip board.  I actually bought a new one today.  A nice, shiny clip board.  Hm.  I'm the tiniest bit ashamed right now...

Other than that, my home has been completely neglected, or, rather, more neglected than usual.  We're doing our annual pantry eating this month; What's for dinner?  Whatever that mystery thing wrapped in foil in the freezer is, that's what we're having!

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