Saturday, January 9, 2010

Not so Sunny

Sunny, in less miserable days.
Now picture her with her butt shaved.

Well, the spending strike just got screwed with its pants on.

Remember my miserable black cat who had a chunk taken out of her butt by some other cat? (I know who it was, too, little bastard.) She is costing me $450. Can you believe that shit? So, even though I have been so good about not spending any money on anything that is unnecessary to our lives, and I've been making dinner at home, and eating random things that were stuck in the back of the food cabinet, and having my friend cut my hair for free, I still managed to spend a bunch of dough. Plus! We had to get the car fixed to the tune of $245. Shit.

But rather than deciding that its all over, so who cares, lets go buy something neat, I'm sticking to the rest of the strike. I really have to now, too, so I can pay off my cat. Do you think that if I refuse to pay the vet for a while they'll keep her like a mechanic will keep your car? We actually have to board her at the vet's for three days because her abscess has to drain and she has to wear and elizabethan collar (which is a ridiculous name for what the thing is. How about just calling it a cone? We all know what we're talking about.) and stay inside. She can't really stay inside at my house because there will be be no peace. For anyone, including the cat. Poor thing. She has a bald heiny.

Checks can be made out to Bored Housewife...

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Lara Starr said...

Another reason I'm glad I don't like animals