Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Lorelei Gilmore

My feet are freezing right now. Its rainy and cold and I love it. We even had thunder. The dog wigged out, but I could listen to it all day. I was hoping to clean up some today, and maybe make some dinner, but my legs are bugging me, so there you go. The dog got his hair-do done today, so he is very pretty and fluffy, and Leila is doing some training with him in the kitchen. She has successfully taught him to spin in a circle, jump over a stick and crawl under her legs when she says "Tunnel!" I taught him to give his paw, my sister-in-law taught him to roll over. Now if we could only teach him to come and stay and keep off the cat, we'd be in business. "Beg" is a little difficult. He keeps jumping toward the treat instead of sitting on his haunches, and Leila doesn't really know what "beg" looks like. I think the dog is confused, and I can't really blame him. He sure does like those chicken hot dogs, though.
Anyhoo, now Leila and I are going to check out a Gilmore Girls rerun. I've seen the entire series from beginning to end already, and now I'm watching it again. This show is so watchable, even though most of the characters are annoying, and everyone argues all the time. It makes me wonder if people in Connecticut are big arguers. I could never be friends with Lorelei Gilmore. Not like Tori Spelling, or another woman that I saw on TV recently and thought, "I could totally be friends with her." but now I can't remember who it was. I think Lorelei would be a really annoying friend. First of all, she's skinny even though she talks about eating all the time. Remember in Will and Grace, they were always talking about how much Grace ate, and the whole time she weighed 89 pounds? So Lorelei must be a purger, and she talks faster than me, and I get the feeling she thinks her shit don't stink. Luke, the owner of the Stars Hollow diner (we're still on Gilmore Girls, in case you lost track) is pretty sexy when he takes of his baseball cap, which is reason enough to watch the show. His real name is Scott Patterson, if you want to look him up.
I gotta go, I'm missing the show. I really want take out tonight.

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joanna nelson said...

Ya, but are your hands still garlicky?