Thursday, June 30, 2011

Dinner Can Eat Me

I was just at the grocery store and saw and old dude buying three bags of Werther's Originals. I always wondered who buys those and, as indicated in their advertising, its old dudes.

I was at the grocery store because a.) I am out of milk, b.) I really wanted a Twix, and c.) I had to get something for dinner. This dinner thing is such a pain in the ass. If I won the lottery, and money was no object, I'm not sure I would ever make dinner. Or I would make it, like, 5 times a year. I like to cook, and I'm a pretty good cook, but I do not like to cook at 5:30 p.m. and the worst part is not knowing what to cook, and stumbling around the house, knowing that you have to come up with something, and being totally uninspired. Its not like I have to create some gourmet feast every night or anything, but sometimes I just can't get over the hump.

I wonder, if I did win the lottery and didn't have to cook, how soon eating out or eating take out would get boring. And how much fatter I would get. I'd have a burrito one night, sushi the next, pizza the next, etc. Just dinner, though. Unless I'm having lunch with a friend, I can make a sandwich at home and I'm good.

I settled on Turkey burgers with corn for tonight. I'm hungry right now, though. I'm going to check my lottery numbers and see if I won. If I did, those turkey burgers can suck it.

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Lara Starr said...

The Starr Family is fans of the Werthers - the Riesen are even better!

The kooky old lady ahead of me at Safeway was buying three bags of Good & Plenty and NoDoz.