Tuesday, June 21, 2011


Its hot. Its butt hot. Its hella hot. I hate hot. Last night I was so miserable in the heat that I made rob take me to Cheesecake Factory for dinner because I needed a mojito in the worst way, and I didn't know where else to go for one. They also make a killer beet salad. It normally has too many beets, so I order it "easy on the beets." I could eat three of those salads. Not only because I'm a pig, but because that salad is on the small plates menu, so three of them would just about make a full salad.

Today L is at her first day of summer camp. She'll be there all day, and I hope she has a good time. She's been so looking forward to it, and so have I. I am going to the movies today to suck up some air conditioning and some buttered popcorn. I just made a batch of gazpacho soup for myself for later. No one in this house likes it but me. I could drink that stuff by the gallon. I wonder if its just the Clamato juice that I love, but I've never tried it on its own. I really should have doubled the recipe. It would still be gone by then end of the day. Can't get enough of it. Yesterday I just lolled around the house all day. L had a friend over, and they played with the hose, and I watched a bunch of good TV that had been recorded over the weekend. I think I'll go watch some more good TV until its time to leave for the movie. It is just too hot to do anything else...

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