Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Bored Housewife has Bored Children

The children are bored. They have been moping around all day. Nothing to do. Rooms full of plastic crap, and nothing to do.

Leila's bestie lives across the street. This morning, they were over there watching YouTube videos and when her friend's mom made them stop, they decided to come over here, thinking we moms are morons. So I squashed their dreams and told them no screens today. Ha! Take that! Then they went back across the street, where they were further oppressed by mean parents. They find it absurd and brutish that we don't feel like dropping everything we're doing to get in our cars and take them somewhere where we can spend money on them and stand around while they maybe have fun, but maybe whine that it isn't as fun as they thought it would be. How weird that we would rather do what is on our own agendas, like work, or laundry, or blogging.

So they dangled on my sofa, with sad, sorry faces, practically in tears, coming up with the most unrealistic ideas in the world. They actually wanted me to to take them somewhere to buy lumber so they could build a playhouse in my backyard. I had to wonder if they had been drinking. I explained that I did not consider it my responsibility to entertain them, and then the whole thing about that I was not going drop what I was dong to take them somewhere, and the friend says to me, "What are you doing exactly?" and I said I was cleaning my house, but what I really should have said was "its none of your damn business." Then I made lunch for these sad sacks, and then they start talking about how maybe they should do a science project, which means taking stuff out of my fridge and cupboards and making a mess in the kitchen I just cleaned. I took a deep breath and kept my mouth shut. Then Leila says, "if only we could drive to the Exploratorium and go to gift shop and buy a chemistry set..." Has she learned nothing? My response was, "Yeah, how likely do you think that is?" Then she said, "Can we go to Cold Stone?" HAVE YOU LISTENED TO A WORD I'VE SAID? I was thinking about taking them to get frozen yogurt later, but now they're just pissing me off.

Now they have settled on making sugar cookies. I am staying out of it, letting them read the recipe, use the mixer, crack eggs, and it is a struggle. At least they're done moping. For now.


Anonymous said...

what is UP with that summer inspired moping!!


Meg said...

Hilarious. I can't wait to make Hadley's life miserable. Okay... more miserable.