Thursday, September 23, 2010

Underpants Flashing

Where have I been, you ask?  I ask the same thing.  I've been sleepy, people.  I've been busy doin' stuff, I've been eating and napping.  The week has just slipped through my chubby little fingers, and now its already cocktail time.

I worked at Leila's old preschool today, for fun and profit.  I figured it would be easier than it used to be since I don't have to take any of those little effers home afterward, and I was right.  I forgot how much crying there is in preschool.  But they are some sweet little buggers, man.  One girl kept pulling her dress up and rolling around on the carpet and then saying, "don't look at my underpants!"  Well, stop SHOWING THEM TO ME!  Another little kid had swiped his grandmother's cell phone and was carrying it in his pocket, and it was ringing all morning.  We finally realized during morning circle time that it wasn't a toy, and when the teacher answered it, it was the phone's owner, frantically wondering where her phone was.  That was pretty awesome.

I met a little girl named Eve and a little boy named Charlie whose overflowing cuteness knocked me out.  So cute.  And then I went home to nap in peace and quiet, and I didn't have to wipe any noses, or change any diapers.  Like early grandparenthood.

Ahhh, well, hm.  I don't really have a whole lot to talk about.  I had another stupid dream where Rob hired the aging cast of the Brady Bunch to come to my birthday party, and they outnumbered my actual friends.

I'll write again when something actually happens.  Peace out.

p.s. It was my blogerversary the other day.  Two years of random bullshit!  Congratulations to me, I finally found a hobby!

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Lara Starr said...

Mazel on the blogaversary! Luv your dream about the Brady Bunch. John is reading "Here's a Story," Maureen "Marcia Brady" McCormick's autobiography and keeps teasing me about the juicy bits I'll get to read when he's done.