Monday, July 19, 2010

Local Edition of Bored Housewife

Lots of my faithful readers are other parents from L's school, so this is for them:

Hear ye, hear ye!

Tomorrow night at 6:00, in the Hall Middle School library, there will be a meeting of the school board of trustees during which they will publicly interview and select a new trustee to fill a mid-term vacancy! My husband, Rob, has applied, along with two other applicants. Apparently, all three of them think that reading miles of dry documentation, having lots of meetings, and availing themselves to public scrutiny and ridicule would be a lot of laughs, so off they go to duke it out for the position.

Obviously, I think my husband, my man, my provider, would be the best choice. He has the rare ability to not fall asleep during endless discussions of minutia. He even LIKES it. He doesn't take short cuts, he is methodical, he's deliberate, he has a good heart and a good brain, and his butt looks good in jeans. He's a good listener, he doesn't jump to conclusions, he likes information and analysis, and he thinks he is very very funny.

If you have a child in one of the district's schools and can come to the meeting, that would be awesome. If can't come to the meeting, but would like to support Rob, you can send an email to the trustees, letting them know that you think Rob would be a great choice. (Their email is on the districts website)

He has been given official endorsements by the following people and organizations:

My mom
His mom
His step mom
Our daughter
The Organization of our friends who we have plied with liquor
Our dog, and one of our cats. (The other cat is abstaining.)

Go Team Rob!


Lara Starr said...

This is TOTALLY how the Kennedys started. Go Rob!

Bored Housewife said...

Right! Today the school board, tomorrow, THE WORLD!