Thursday, July 8, 2010

Littlest Petshop can Suck It

Okay, summer vacation has gotten old. OLD! Since Leila has no camps or any kind of lessons this summer, and we have no vacation plans besides camping, we are together EVERY DAY. This child is just like I was/am; she has an impressive ability to stay in the house and fart around for days on end. Meaning that I am also farting around the house for days, and I am SICK OF IT!

I'm feeling isolated and BORED! I told her we should go to the farmers market this morning, and she acts as if I'm asking her to dig a latrine in the backyard. How much time have I spent in the last two days making stop animation movies with her? and she wont even happily consent to go to the market with me. Kids today, jeez.

I need to break out of here. I need to go outside, smell fresh air, eat at a restaurant, chat with a girlfriend, GET MY LIFE BACK!

Just wait, though. A week before school starts, I'll probably be bitching and moaning that I don't want school to start, and I'm going to miss my baby, and wah wah wah. But right now, I'm going to drag this little brat to the farmers market by her hair, if I have to. I will get some little gem lettuce today, I WILL!

Maybe later, I'll make her walk the dog with me, too. See how you like that, warden!

Here's one of her movies...

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