Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Snow Day

I can't really pick what would be my Best Day Ever. I don't know if anyone can. But yesterday was pretty damn up there. Awesome day!!!

We decided to go to the snow and ski for the day, and then come back in the evening. Could it have gone any better? No, it could not have gone any better. Traffic? None. Weather? Warm. Snow? Powedery and beautiful. Food? Delicious, and paid for by someone else. Lift lines? short and fast (there's a slut joke in there somewhere, but I can't pull the name of a dwarf skank right now.) I didn't ski this time. We were planning on going to one of the cheap places, where you can ski for $20, but they're all closed for the season, so we went to a mid-range place, and you know what? You can really tell the difference between cheap and mid-range; you definitely get what you pay for. And all the kids working at these places? The nicest people ever! Are they all stoned? I'm just wondering. The guy who was sweeping the deck of the lodge was very detail oriented. Anyway, I took one for the team and saved $60 by not skiing.

So we got half-day passes for Rob and Leila, and they skied their little butts off. I sat in the sun with my mom, who tagged along, and people-watched and drank hot chocolate. I found complete satisfaction in watching Leila finish a run, and just get right back in line for the lift. She loved it, and didn't spend too much time on her butt. My mom and I went for a walk in the snow, and threw some snowballs, and we even got snowed on a little. It was more like snow drizzle. Snizzle. So fun. Made me look forward to going up next season and skiing my not-so-little butt off. Screw blisters and sore calves, man! Count me in!!

In the parking lot during our tailgate lunch

Getting her skis on like a pro. And poles? We don't need no stinkin' poles!


James said...

The name you're looking for is Snookie. Glad you guys had a rockin day. Good job!

Bored Housewife said...

Yes! Snookie! You're right!!