Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Bored Housewife Year in Review

I follow this other blog called Dooce (maybe you've heard of it) and she did an end of year post that I am unabashedly stealing. (and its a cleaver little way of sending you through the back catalog if you're so inclined.) Here goes.

Here is a synopsis of Bored Housewife's 2009:

1) I got sick as a dog. A dying dog, in fact. I went to bed on January second and effectively didn't get up until mid-March. Then I got sick again, and recovered more quickly, but the way I see it, the first half of the year was pretty much shot to hell.

2) I had the one year anniversary of this blog! I have a band of loyal followers who make me feel like a super star.

3) I went camping three times.

4) I lost 2o pounds, and then found them again.

5) I redecorated my living room.

6) I had thrush.

7) My husband got to keep his job, our house is not worth less than what we owe on it, I didn't have any major car trouble, all my appliances (besides the water heater) made it another year, and no one in our house got the swine flu.

8) I went to Hawaii and Washington.

9) I made a whole batch of new friends

10) My house got all new pipes and a new water heater.

11) No one died. (Although, considering the year isn't actually over yet, I probably shouldn't jinx this. I am crossing my fingers and toes.)

12) I purged 12 bags of crap out of Leila's room and she's only asked for one thing back. Success!

13) I did a little dance, made a little love.

All in all, not a very eventful year, except for the near death experience. Bored Housewife indeed. Love you guys!


Lara Starr said...

All in all sounds like a v. good year to me!

lama said...

With the exception of the first quarter I would say your results are promising! Good luck this winter! Looking forward to reading about Leila's birthday this year!