Monday, April 18, 2011

Banjo is my Bitch!

People, I may have solved the whole birth control pill mystery, but this remodel thing is sucking up every last bit of creative juice I have.  I have gotten whole educations in kitchen cabinets, appliances, flooring, windows, sky lights, you name it. 

I'm in a bit of a holding pattern now, though.  I may have to go check out some tile, but there are no decisions I need to make or research I need to do, so I can finally get back to the blissful world of laundry and making dinner.  Awesome.

I made a big push yesterday and cleaned up this joint, so I'm not as busy today as I thought I would be.  The laundry machines are workin' hard, and the dust is scared of me, as well it should be.  This afternoon I have to help L with her local history project that we failed to do over spring break.  Just completely forgot about it.  Probably because I was busy looking at pictures of built in media cabinets on the interweb.

You wanna know what I did yesterday?  I had been having trouble with my roomba (named Banjo.)  He started making a ka-chunk ka chunk sound and then would tell me I needed to clean the brushes even though the brushes were completely clean.  I retired him for a while, I just didn't want to deal, and yesterday I said to Rob, "Could you run Banjo, see if he makes the sound, and if he does, fix it?"  Sometimes, even I, feminist, former breadwinner and drip system installer, wants the nearest available male (or lesbian if she possesses these kinds of skills) to fix things. 

I really should know better.

He did turn on the roomba, it did make the sound and tell him to clean the brushes, which he did, twice, even though they were already clean, and then he did some yoga.  I got out of the shower expecting to see him hunched over the thing, screwdriver in hand, tinkering, or at least at the computer doing a little research on what could be going wrong, and instead I found him doing warrior pose in his shorts.

So I did the internet research, I took the whole thing apart with a screwdriver, I cleaned the little gears that the internet told me to clean, with a tweezer! and then I put it all back together and SUCCESS!  Some lesbian Rob turned out to be...

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