Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Yucatan if you want To*

I have been getting a lot of manicures lately.  It started out as an indulgent little treat, but now its getting boring.  I feel a little stuck in it now because without a manicure my nails look wrecked, and I could do it myself at home, but I like changing colors.  Its the most spoiled and ridiculous "problem."  Anyway, I was at the manicure place yesterday, alone, no one to talk to, can't read the In Style magazine because my hands are otherwise occupied, but there are two women behind me getting pedicures, so I decide to eaves drop.

Here's the "problem:"  They whispered all the good parts of the conversation.  I learned that the one woman's husband's name is Steve, and they seem to be having some issues.  This is what I heard: " So I glance and Steve's computer and I see this Twitter thing that says pssswssswssswsssswsssss and I didn't know if I should bring it up to him, so I asked pssswssswss and she said that her husband pssswssswssswsss." COME ON!  Throw a girl a bone!  I was getting very irritated, I almost turned my head around and said "make this interesting, please!  I'm bored over here!"  If you're going to get into the nitty gritty in the manicure place, don't whisper.  Its just rude!  It was clear that they were talking about marriage and sex and suspicion, but all the good parts were bleeped out.  Most boring manicure EVER.

I have a day with nothing on the calendar today.  I'm still full from eating my weight in Mexican food over the weekend, so going to lunch is out of the question.  I've got to fold some whites, and I could take this time to clean out the linen closet, but I'd really rather watch decorating shows on TV.  Turns out there are tons of reruns on HGTV and the DIY network.  I've seen the same kitchen remodels a few times, I'm ready for some new ones.  My remodel ideas are coming fast and furious, but we're still waiting for plans.  I've picked out all my new appliances, even though we aren't getting new appliances, and picked out all my finishes even though there's no plans or permits.  In my head this whole process is already done.

I am really uninspired lately, for writing anyway.  If you have questions about kitchen remodels, I have inspiration up the wazoo...

*the name of my nail polish color.