Thursday, March 10, 2011

Out with the Old...

I am a bad, bad blogger.  I've been a pretty good mom and housewife lately, but that doesn't make for a good blogger, does it?  If you're still checking in, thanks for your persistence. 

I've been, you know, doing laundry, cooking dinners, driving on field trips and all that stuff.  But, really: who am I trying to kid?  That stuff doesn't take all that long.  So what have I really been doing?

People, I have had an enormous, almost spiritual experience involving my house.  If all goes well, we may embark on a remodel project, a small one compared to what happens in my neighborhood almost every summer, but huge to me.  It seems that once you finally let go of all the dreams you had that will never come true, and you decide that everything you thought was permanent and couldn't possibly change is completely up for grabs, the universe just floods your head with ideas and adrenaline.  I have stared at these walls for almost 14 years, and I NEVER visualized what I have been able to visualize in the last week.  I wont bore you with details, but I can think of nothing else, I'm losing sleep, and I haven't been so excited about anything since Lost was on the air.  I think it may have something to do with turning 40.  I asked Rob if he thought I was having a midlife crisis, and he said, "well, if you are, then its got a better return on investment than a boob job or a Porsche."

My eyes are bleary from looking at pictures of kitchens on the internet, I have watched more HGTV than anyone has a right to, but I am pumped!!!  Stay tuned for construction blog!!

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