Monday, March 21, 2011

Abe Lincoln

Normally, I don't like to write about dreams I've had.  Its boring to everyone but me.  No one wants to hear about anyone else' dreams, unless they're in them, and especially if they're in them naked.  But this dream I had last weekend has stuck with me all week because of its sheer dorkishness, so bear with me.

I dreamed that Rob and I were having a conversation about Abe Lincoln, and I was saying something about him in the past tense or whatever and Rob said, "What are you talking about? Abraham lincoln isn't dead!  Why would you think that?" and then I reflected for a moment and was all, "Oh my God I'm so stupid!  Of course he's not dead!  What was I thinking?" and we laughed and laughed at how stupid I was.

When the alarm went off, I was sure Abe Lincoln was alive, and that there was no reason he shouldn't be.  I even did partially awake math in my head to figure out how old he would be, and, at first, the math indicated that he could indeed be alive, but as I opened my eyes and got more awake, I realized he would at least 200 years old. So, no: probably not alive.

Fast forward to Friday night, a full week later, when Rob and I went to the movies (we saw The Lincoln Lawyer*, ironically) and there was a preview for a movie called The Conspirator about the assassination of Abe Lincoln, and I just had to put my head in my hands and shake my head at my actual, not dreamed, stupidity; Abe Lincoln was assassinated, you idiot!  Of course he's not alive!  Jeez! 

No wonder this dream stayed with me all week!  My addled 40 year-old brain was trying to get me to remember one of the most significant events in American history! God, I'm stupid.

Last night I had a dream that one of my au pairs was working for Charlie Sheen.  I wont go into it, though.  You're welcome.

* The Lincoln Lawyer, starring Matthew Mconohay (I know that's not how you spell his name, in spite of my stupidity) is okay.  Its a clever courtroom drama in which Matthew M. plays himself, and Marisa Tomei is oddly made up.  Not sure it was worth a regular admission ticket, it felt like a really good TV episode, but it was fine, and I got to eat a Chipotle burrito bowl beforehand which was, as always, delicious.

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