Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Don't hate me

Just in case you are sitting at home, biting your nails to the quick and losing sleep because you're worried about what has happened to me, fear not.

I am in Hawaii on vacation.  And while that may sound idyllic and wonderful, permit me to whine for just a moment.  (Oh, I know what you're thinking:  how dare I whine when I am on a tropical vacation sponsored entirely by my parents?  Well, you are absolutely right, sir, but whine I will.  Deal with it.)

The weather:  cloudy, rainy, and no trade winds to blow this shit out of here.  Humid, sticky.  But, still on vacation.

The place: No kitchen, just a wet bar, which sounds good, but I am getting mighty tired of bread, cheese and fruit.  I'm not in France, I'm in Hawaii, and I want something cooked, like a fried egg and some bacon. For dinner, I want sushi...  And another thing, I have never been to a place where the asses outnumber the chairs by the pool.  I went down there this morning early to reserve 5 seats, and sat there in the rain.  We have our seats, though, dammit!  I saw this once on Bernie Mac show, but I thought it was fiction.  Also, we are on a bay rather than the ocean.  What is Hawaii without ocean?

I managed to lose Rob's glasses on the beach yesterday.  Miraculously, I found them.  He couldn't help me look because HE COULDN'T SEE!

I vowed I would read my book club book if it killed me, and it almost did.  I haven't actually finished a book club book in months, so I sat by the pool reading about the plague.  You read that right, The Plague.  Good book, if you don't mind reading about corpses and puss and putrescence, while in Hawaii.

I admit it.  I am ashamed.  At least a little bit.  I really needed this vacation.  I really needed a prolonged period where I could sit on my ass and read and sleep and drink.  It really beats not reading, not sleeping and not drinking. It also beats doing dishes, ferrying children to and fro, picking up dog poo, and figuring out what's for dinner.

Aloha, see you next week!

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