Monday, February 7, 2011


Its over!!!!  The Variety Show is over, and I have my life back!  My life looks like a complete mess right now, so I think I'll ignore it for a little while longer and hang out with you guys.

I don't feel right posting video of kids without their parents' permission, so I wont make you watch stuff, but let me tell you, these kids were ON FIRE!  The shows went off without a hitch.  I learned a tremendous amount (like how the chairs get to the gym floor, and that we actually have stage lights...) and the big question is whether or not I would do this again...  I really want to say no.  I mean, I REALLY want to say no.  My family and home so got the shaft in the last month, but when those little kids came off stage and I saw their faces and they hugged me and they were so euphoric and proud...  Well, that was pretty awesome and very rewarding.  So we'll see, I guess.

Here are some little tidbits.

1) 4th grade girls have a mean streak.  Watch your back.

2) All the girls had some make up on for their performances, and there was this one crew who had obviously been made up - I guess you could call it tastefully, even though I had some Toddlers and Tiaras flashbacks, - by a parent before the show.  They call me over mid show to ask if they can go back to the "green room" to touch up their make up.  I say no, your make up looks fine, you look beautiful, its almost your turn.  Fine.  I come back a few minutes later to find the older sister of one of the girls with a full make up kit, piling more make up on them in the dark.  Its not good make up either, its kid make up, all oily.  So I shoo the kid and her make up kit away, and get the girls back stage to await their star turn.  Unknown to me, the curtain puller sees them and told me later that they had lipstick on their noses and all over their faces.  She licks her finger and tries to get it off, and then sacrifices the sleeve of her sweater and tries to wipe a bunch of it off, and manages to get them looking like 85 year-old blind women who have put on their make up on a moving bus. In the dark.  Lesson learned: must email parents about make up and older sisters...

3) Parents are incredible, and not always in a good way.  It was all I could do to get the performers to stay in their seats and behave both before but especially after their performances, and the audience was asked to wait until the end of the performance to go congratulate their performers.  I swear, three times I had to tap a parent on the shoulder who was talking to their kid, handing them flowers etc.,  and remind them that someone else' kid was on stage now and could they please take their seat.  They would look at me like I was some kind of shrew!  My feeling was, if you wouldn't wander around the theater during the nutcracker at Christmas, don't do it at my Variety show.  It was hard enough getting kids to take their seats.  Some were just wandering around the whole time, and would glare at me when I told them to sit down and stay down.  Wonder where they ever got those attitudes from?

So that's all I have to say about the Variety Show for now.  I have a little time to clean up a little more, and then I'm off to a well deserved lunch and a manicure!  Being me is awesome.

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lama said...

It was sooo awesome. You and your support team totally rocked. Your blog readers who don't know you in real life need to know what a TOTAL ROCK STAR you are when you're not napping and watching Oprah. Thanks for a totally entertaining Friday evening!