Monday, November 1, 2010

Halloween, DONE!

And Halloween is over.  Its interesting to me how Christmas seems to linger on; the kids are out of school, so they're home and playing with their new stuff. We leave the tree up and the lights on the house for a little while after, whereas with Halloween, November first I want it out.  All the preparations; the costume making, the house decorating, the school party,  and then the kids goes trick-or-treating for two hours and its over.  This morning I felt like the person who keeps their Christmas lights up until Easter with the pumpkin and the rubber turkey vulture out on the front porch, and Halloween only ended 12 hours ago!

I have so much left over candy, you guys, its crazy.  Anyway, its become a tradition, so here is the pictorial recap of Halloween chez Bored Housewife:

Black Widow!

How do you paint a spider face?
This is how!

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