Monday, November 29, 2010

Amazing (and sad) Discoveries!

Today is Thanksgiving (hello people of the future!) and I made an amazing discovery!  Actually two, but one is really not that amazing.

Since we don't have to cook a Thanksgiving dinner, Rob and I decided that we would clean the bathroom together.  Not-so-amazing discovery: I realized about half way through that this is becoming a holiday tradition: I cleaned the bathroom last Christmas Eve, he cleans the kitchen floor on Mother's Day... This must stop.

You know how I feel about cleaning the bathroom, especially the shower tiles, I talk about it all the time.  But I actually can't physically do the tub or the floor because that involves kneeling on the floor and bending over and girlfriend, those days are over.  I am 40, after all.  Rob, however, can do these things, so I cleaned the tiles, the sink, the toilet, walls, surfaces, etc, and he cleaned out under the sink (expired prescriptions much?) and then cleaned the tub and right now he's cleaning the floor.

Here is the more amazing of the two discoveries:  I used some Bon Ami that I've had under the kitchen sink for probably a decade.  Its a powder cleanser like Ajax or Barkeepers Friend, and I never use it because someone told me long ago its bad for your tub.  Well.  For the first time in one million years, I used it on the toilet and on the sink and that stuff is the bomb!  Rob had some consternation about using on the tub, but I told him that its probably only dangerous to the finish if you use it twice a month, but twice a year its probably okay.

Another bonus discovery is that I had never realized that the shower is one place where Rob can't wear his glasses! So all this time, he can't even see how dirty it is in there!  I never put that together!  I ask you, how lucky can a girl get?

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