Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Ho to the Hum

Y'know, I prefer to write when I'm feeling down or mad or annoyed. Its more therapeutic for me. But I haven't needed a whole lot of therapy in the last few days. Actually, I think I could use a WHOLE LOT of therapy, but not the writing kind. But I know you miss me when I don't write, so this is just for you.

This is how I have spent my morning, and you can feel free to envy me all you want. I woke up at 8, and stayed in bed listening to my inane radio program, turning the radio off during the commercials, and playing solitaire on my little hand held device. I should just call it The Solitaire Machine, since that's what its mainly used for. Then I heard L get up and go to the bathroom but instead of jumping into my bed and bothering me when she was done, she turned on her new audiobook (oh, the agony and the ecstasy of the audiobook...) and snuggled back into bed. I got up at 9, made myself a big breakfast of 2 fried eggs, 2 turkey breakfast sausages and a piece of whole grain toast. I'm hoping I wont have to eat for the rest of the day. Then, I checked my garden and saw that my lettuce has finally - FINALLY!- appeared. I sat down with a coke (call it a cup of coffee if it makes you feel better) and read through the easy parts of the new Oprah magazine. No actual articles or anything, just the short-attention-span stuff. I made L some breakfast at around 10, and now, here I am, in my bathrobe, hanging out with you guys.

I think I may start another blog about my garden. But first, I have to get ready for The First Camping Trip of the Camping Season! Today, I will inventory the supplies, make sure everything is clean and has working batteries, refill all the gas powered stuff, and see if there's anything I can weed out because its getting ridiculous. Then I will make a shopping list, and maybe - just maybe - go shopping. Then I will rest, because I can.

See? I'm too calm and contented to write anything of interest right now. I'm sure I'll be irritated by something before the day is out...

(and if I start that garden blog and you're interested in reading it, it will appear in the blog list on the right side of this page.)

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