Tuesday, February 3, 2009


What a great day! This may not mean anything to anyone but me, but today I was able to walk down my front stairs and onto the sidewalk without flinching and flailing. Then, I went to physical therapy, and was shown how to walk up and down stairs properly with a cane, and I'm telling you, its life-changing! I am no longer a prisoner in my own home! If my house is on fire, I'll be able to get out! I still need someone to spot me, since I don't have a railing on my stairs, and I'm not ready to go limping around the block on my own, but I can go outside! I also went out to lunch! My first outing since I got sick. I had a caesar salad and some of my dad's french fries, and it was so great to be out of my house. AND, I'm not tired! Not even a little bit! I feel energized, invincible! OK, not so much invincible, but close enough!
I can walk down stairs! I can walk down stairs! I am not house bound! I can walk down stairs!!!!!


Anonymous said...

Yay!!!!!!!!! Good to hear it trooper!
Go Monica!

Anonymous said...

Dear invincible... Nice blanket. much love nova