Monday, February 9, 2009

Grammy Post Show

I watched the Grammys last night. I force myself to watch all the performances, because you never know what will stand out, and I owe my love of the Dixie Chicks entirely to the Grammys. Also, when Eminem performed with Elton John years ago, I was totally blown away. At least at that time I had heard of these people, if not heard their music, but this year I was in the tall grass, music-wise. Who are all these people? Where did they come from? Why are some of them so young? I guess it was mostly the hip hop people that were mysterious to me, and I liked some of it, but I had a hard time understanding what they were saying. Of all the performers, I liked Radiohead the best. And, believe it or not, I thought Miley Cyrus and Taylor Swift, even though it was way past their bed time, were really good.
So, I'm an old woman. I don't know who Lil Wayne is, and I don't really care. One day, Leila will be watching the Grammys, and she'll know who everyone is, and she'll be too cool for mainstream pop music, and I'll say something about how Justin Timberlake is talented, and she will roll her eyes at me and then go back to painting her nails black.
I got a mani-pedi yesterday and looked through a People magazine and I had the same experience. I don't know any of the people they're gossiping about. Who watches all these shows? It kind of ruins People magazine for me. You know you're getting old when you'd rather read Oprah and Cottage Living than People or Entertainment Weekly. These might be really good shows, and these kids might be the next big thing, but I'm still with the old big thing and I'm just too tired to take on more.
I will keep watching the Grammys every year, and I have vowed to watch the shows Leila wants to watch when she's a teenager so I can be aware of what the kids are into, but I think my hopes of being a cool mom have been dashed by M.I.A. and Lady Antebellum, whoever the heck they are. But that Justin Timberlake is pretty talented!

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joanna nelson said...

I have no words. Of all the people I know, YOU are the one that knows EVERYBODY in People magazine and everybody on the once-a-year fancy award shows. You are who I turn to when I am wondering who somebody is.
I say you need more mani/pedis, if only to keep up on this stuff and be able to answer my questions.