Thursday, October 2, 2014

My Shit List

Its been almost two months since I posted here.  Sorry.  I'm trying to start a business, and it takes time.  And I'm in school, learning the history of furniture.  That's not a joke.  And there's all that TV to watch.  I've switched from Law and Order SVU to regular Law and Order.  Even though there are, like, 5000 episodes of Law and Order, you'd be shocked how many episodes I've seen already, even though I've only watched 10 or so episodes.  Also, when I didn't watch Law and Order, it was on every channel all day long; now that I'm looking for it? Can't find it.  Damn that NCIS.  What about my needs?

My printer is broken.  I hate problems like this.  Little persnickety things that have to come to resolution and they cost money and take time away from Law and Order.  Uncool.  So far, I'm not buying a new printer, although that may end up being the cheaper option.  I'm getting the old one fixed.  Hopefully.  I don't want to spend $65 to find out I have to spend $100 on a new one.

You know what Rob did?  He made cookies for his work team last night, and he cleaned up after himself, but did not do any of the other dishes that were sitting there from dinner.  Its like he worked around them on purpose to make some kind of point about how much time I spend watching Law and Order and not doing dishes!  I see how it is.  I know the grannies out there are going to scold me for scolding him for only doing most of the dishes and not all of the dishes, because I'm so lucky I have a husband that will do any dish at all, but screw that.  His arms aren't broken, he can put two plates in the dishwasher.

Next time I'll tell you about the lovely thing he did for me last week, but for today, he's on my shitlist.  I'm gonna leave those dishes there all day to make my own point: I can work around dirty dishes just as well as the next guy.  He probably wont enter the kitchen, or notice the dishes if he does happen to pass them while getting himself a beer, and I'm the one who will be staring at the dishes all day, but my point is still valid!

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