Tuesday, May 14, 2013

The Blitz is Blown

Notice I haven't mentioned the blitz in a while?  Well...

I stopped walking, and then I stopped counting calories, and now I've gained back all the weight I lost.  I'm not sure about the last one because I'm too scared to go on the scale. But if the powdered doughnut holes from Trader Joes that I'm eating right now, along with the coke I'm drinking are any indication, I've packed it back on.

I'm also still having all these sleep issues.  For a while, it was that I couldn't get to sleep so I was tired all day.  Now I'm getting to sleep fine, but I'm still tired all the time.  Do any of you readers have Chronic Fatigue Syndrome?  I have never thought this was a real thing, like Restless Leg Syndrome, but now I'm wondering if I have it.  That's why I haven't been posting very much: I'm asleep all the time, and if I'm not asleep, I'm trying very hard to stay awake while behind the wheel of my car.

Every night I go to bed and tell myself, "Tomorrow will be different.  I will not go back to bed after Leila leaves for school.  I will DO THINGS, and WALK THE DOG." But it rarely turns out differently, and I often go back to bed until 10.  What a waste.

So, if you're keeping track: I'm fat, lazy, sleepy, slothy, and probably all the rest of the dwarfs, including Doc since the internet and I are diagnosing all my problems.

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Unknown said...

You're beginning to spiral. Save yourself!!