Tuesday, December 28, 2010


Okay.  I made it.  Its over. 

I tell you: I love Christmas, but it is exhausting as hell.  I made a note for next Christmas to ask for a spa day that I can use December 26. 2011.  My back is pinchy, my feet hurt, my appetite is all out of whack, and the house is still a mess in spite of the fact that I seem to be cleaning it all the time.  The bills are coming due, the money has been flowing out like water, and not just on gifts, but the grocery bill and the eating-out amounts are higher than normal.  It all adds up, and its not really over yet.  Leila's birthday is in less than a week and I have to plan her party, get her presents, etc.  Then I may think its over, but that's when the Variety Show starts in earnest, and we still haven't worked out all the logistics.  If I can just get through the Variety Show, I will be home free.  We're going to Hawaii in February, and that is where I will take a long break in the sun, and I will get that spa day if it kills me. 

We had a lovely holiday, though, complete with my family's odd food presents (fried potatoes in a box, pickles, gummy bears) and it was smiles, smiles all around.  Not much to tell you about, really.  No travel drama, no weather drama, no family drama, no weird gifts that can't be returned, no food poisoning, no inappropriate holiday cards, no drunk relatives (not that drunk, anyway) no injuries, no nudity, nothing interesting to report except that we are all happy and blessed and full.  Boring.

Maybe as an extra Christmas gift, Santa will bring me a wonderfully competent dryer repair person who miraculously has all the parts he needs and I will be able to use my dryer to my heart's content.  I need to wash my sheets real bad.

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