Monday, February 1, 2010

Stupid Grammys

You know what bugs me? Among many other things? The fact that I spent $66 at the grocery store on Friday, and now I have to go back there AGAIN and spend more money and cook more food. I didn't actually cook much of anything this weekend, kind of took the weekend off, but still! How could I have gone to the store 72 hours ago and still be out of syrup? This, in a nutshell (although, with me its always an incredibly large nutshell) is the problem with housewifery: It never ends. Ever. You can do all the laundry and put it away, only to have some man throw his dirty panties in the hamper one minute later. You can make the beds, and people just sleep in them again after a few hours. You can feed people, and the next day you have to feed them again. I know a lot of jobs are like this; you have to make the donuts every day, you have to update your spreadsheet every day, to follow the presidents motorcade every day, but at least you get a lunch hour AND A PAYCHECK. Jeez!

In order to avoid the grocery store, my most hated place next to the dentist's and airports, I want to talk about the Grammys. I talked about them last year at this time, and talked about how damn old I am and how I've never heard of half of these performers, and it seems like I've heard it all before, and I guess that's all I really have to say about it this year. Except for this Lady Gaga: really? I mean, really? I guess she can carry a tune, and play the piano, maybe, but, really? See? Old. And I think Beyonce stinks. She's very pretty and seems very sweet, but she still stinks. (Catherinette said, I don't know what I hate worse, Beyonce or Mondays, and I vote Beyonce. I'm so done with her B.S.) I do like the Taylor Swift, but last night she sounded like a piece of poo. I was a little embarrassed for Stevie Nicks and her jangly tambourine. But here's the other thing about the Grammys: I LIVE ON THE WEST COAST! All the winners, and all the outfits and all the downloadable performances were available on line before my Tivo even started recording the red carpet. SHUT UP rest of the country!

OK, I don't think I can avoid it anymore. I'm going to go to the stupid store, buy some stupid groceries, make some stupid stew and take a not-at-all-stupid-smartest-thing-I've-ever-done nap.


Alice said...

This is the root of my current state of disillusion - I somehow thought that once I cleaned the house, decluttered, did the laundry, etc, etc - that it would look good for longer then 10 minutes. It's just not right! Now I realize why my Mom just gave up.....

Lara Starr said...

I didn't watch the Grammys - and sometimes I can be such a music snob so I'm sort of amazed at how much I like Beyonce - her song Halo just kills me - and she's the kind of top-40 Star Searcher I usually can't stand (now who's old?) and I also love La Ga Ga. Love her get-ups, love her bad/good songs, love her carrying on the tradition of outrageous poperformance artists who came before her.

Taylor Swift? Her I don't get and I can't stand that Katy Perry!